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Cutting Mats
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Vinyl Cutting Mats

Industrial cutting mats are an accessory that can make weeding and printing vinyl much easier. Even the softest grip can accidentally slip a sharp edge into a production table during a workday, creating uneven textured wood. Cutting mats can reduce hand fatigue while protecting your work surfaces, as well as lengthen your blade life. Your Exacto or removable blade will thank you, and you won’t break your budget replacing the tables.

You may be used to cutting mats that can handle basic graphic design. Industrial cutting mats can do more by handling heavy-duty vinyl, as well as the application materials. We recommend that if you are printing vinyl for your brand, then get a cutting board with gridding. The lines will allow you to align colors, words and logos consistently and reduce mistakes during the printing process.

Quality Cutting Mats For Vinyl Design

View our selection of quality vinyl mats, sent directly from the manufacturers. We are a dealer for exclusive vinyl brands in the area, so you may get some really good deals on our orders. Different size options can serve for the vinyl, and in some cases you can even get a custom size from a brand. Always inquire and determine which production tables require protection.

Some designers want to spring for super tough board options. They may be working with thicker materials such as leather or wood applications, or need a board that is ready to handle high-volume orders. Xtreme Printed Cutting Matts might be able to provide the solution. Each one has a high impact polymer surface, while designed to protect tabletops.

Healing Cutting Mats

A healing cutting mat has separate pieces of the vinyl material, which are pressed together by design. As a result, a blade will not cut the vinyl, but instead go between the pieces. With such an arrangement, the board can absorb the shock, and the sharpness from any Exacto or machine blade. This structure ensures that your surface remains uniform for a very long time.

We can recommend the Rhino Cutting Mat With Printed Grid Sheet as one potential option. It has a healing surface, making it great for when you are working with a large amount of products. The mat lacks glare and is translucent, which increases visibility while you are working.

If you want large, self-healing cutting mats without the lines, consider the Rhino Cutting Mat Without Printed Grids as an alternative. It has all the same features, except for the grids, and still allows you to cut to size.

Refine Your Heat Press Grid Lines With Sign Outlet Store

Do you need proper accessories for your rotary cutter and printer? Sign Outlet Store retails vinyl, printing and cutting machines, with customer service that focuses on you. Our clients will always receive expertise and great deals.

To find out more about the ideal slip surface when paired with your printer and cutter, please reach out to us today. Sign Outlet Store knows how to help you optimize your heat press art supply.