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Vinyl Transfer Tape

Do you have enough vinyl transfer tape? Also known as application tape, this material is designed to allow for a smooth transfer of a vinyl design to any surface. Transparent layers allow the designer to place the design with perfect alignment. Whether with heat transfer with iron on vinyl, you can get a smoother application.

Often, transfer tape lacks grids, which transfer papers often have. It also doesn’t have a sticky backing. Some versions of transfer tape retail by the roll, while others use sheets. We recommend it as one of the best tools for aligning your designs on different materials. Cut vinyl decals to your preferred size when doing an application, with minimal wrinkling or complications.

Application Vinyl Tapes For Heat Transfer Vinyl

View our selection of vinyl transfer tapes. Some may qualify for our next-day delivery, if you order by 5 PM CST. Always inquire to ask about our deals, so that you can get the highest value out of your purchase. We retail by the yard but will cut down 48’’ tapes if you wish.

Don’t forget to see if the transfer tape is compatible with your heat press, as well as your vinyl. Compatibility can make all the difference for a suitable transfer. Different tacks indicate the adhesive strength; low tack is the weakest and easiest to remove, while high tack is the hardest.

High Quality Tapes

Our top-rated selection is R-Tape AT-60n Medium Tack. It has a low learning curve for application and flexibility when dealing with vinyl. Unwind without a problem, and use the rigid facestock to prevent any vinyl from curling on application. What’s more, the adhesive will not yellow over time, meaning that you can use it for a longer period during processes.

Do you prefer a roll of transfer tape that has grids, to allow for mathematical alignments? Oracal MT80 Transfer Tape can assist when you are working with precise vinyl decals. It has a grid pattern with a transparent layer. The brand is known for providing high-quality adhesive vinyl, which is why we like working with it. Use this tape with Oracal 631, 641 and 651 vinyl.

In other cases, you want a tape that demonstrates moisture-resistance and dimensional stability. TransferRite 782U Ultra Premium has the perfect adhesion. You don’t need a heat vacuum to use this tape, ideal for screen-printed decals. This transfer tape has less wrinkling and tunneling, allowing for a smoother design.

Perfect Your Vinyl Transfer With Sign Outlet Store

Do you want to ensure smooth and consistent vinyl applications? Sign Outlet Store has the tools and material to assist with these processes. We value your input, wanting to provide the best quality guidance and instructions to our customers. That’s why we retail paper tape for transfers, as well as machinery.
To find out more, please reach out to us today. Sign Outlet Store will answer all of your questions about which vinyl sheets can match your plotter and cutter, and how to use transfer tape to ensure a smooth application.