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Vinyl Banner Printers

Banner printers display versatility for small businesses, especially ones that are starting out. They are also known as wide-format or large-format printing, owing to the size requirements. The paper requirements often ask for more durable material. For that reason, vinyl banners have become more popular owing to vinyl material being durable.

Customers may want banners for various purposes, from adorning trade show displays to accompanying outdoor signs. When you are printing in bulk, especially for customers with varying demands, you want a printer that is suited to your business needs.

High-Quality Vinyl Banner Printing Options

View our options of banner printers on the website. We carry new and refurbished models, both to match your printing budget and provide features that updated printers may lack. In addition, determine if your orders qualify for bulk purchases, shipping discounts, or curbside pickup at our store. Always contact our representatives to see if a particular machine is available.

Duplex printing refers to creating double-sided banners. This service is often more expensive compared to receiving single-side banners, which is why customers need incentives for receiving the duplex options.

Roland Printers For Vinyl Banners

Roland is one of the best-known printer brands in the business. It is known for delivering on quality with machines that provide multiple applications. Sign Outlet Store is one of the authorized dealers that retails these machines and can offer purchase or rental deals as a result.

The REFURBISHED Roland SP-300i 30″ Printer/Cutter Combo is one such model from the brand. We offer it at a discount for refurbishment. It has a heavy-duty system that can handle printing banners, signs, and other media.

In other cases, you would rather have the newest Roland printer for handling vinyl banner material. They can apply the latest technology to crafting for outdoor displays. Consider, for example, the Roland TrueVIS2 VG2-540 54″ Printer/Cutter Combo. This can not only provide vinyl banners in full color but also cut them to the size that your customer prefers. The TrueVis focuses on accuracy and provides more color options to recreate logos and graphic design. It has a maximum cutting width of 53 inches, which provides many options.

Not every business owner wants a cutter and a printer in one, depending on your preferences. Another fine machine from the brand is the Roland VersaEXPRESS RF-640 Large-Format Inkjet Printer. Users like its productivity levels and high-quality printing. You receive a large number of services for the dollar amount. It is Greenguard-Gold certified and shows energy efficiency to go with its reliable services.

Factors To Consider When Making Custom Vinyl Banners

First, are you making indoor or outdoor banners? You want a heavy-duty adhesive vinyl that can handle outside conditions. The banner may have to withstand precipitation such as rain or snow, heavy winds, or sun damage.

Consider if you want a glossy or matte finish. A glossy finish is shiny and can catch the eye, while a vinyl matte finish has a more subtle, polished look. That will determine the heat transfer vinyl that you choose. Similar considerations go into color palettes, on what tints are best for lettering and images to show.

Try not to use regular printing paper for your banners. Such a bond of paper is thin compared to vinyl, matte, or canvas options, and may not hold ink or toner as well.

Invest In Custom Banner Printing From Sign Outlet Store

At the Sign Outlet Store, we can not only provide the materials that you need for printing vinyl custom banners, but also the necessary equipment. We offer curbside pickup and rental options so that you can see which format printers are right for your business, and which models will best serve your budgets.To find out more about custom-printed options, please reach out to us today. Sign Outlet Store is ready to help you prepare for indoor and outdoor banner printing, with all of the features that you need for regular business operations. Print a great banner that can handle high winds and eye-catching branding.