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Adhesive-Backed Vinyl

An alternative to heat press vinyl, which requires having the appropriate tools to apply the material to different objects, adhesive-backed vinyl is a viable option for flat surfaces. You can get different options depending on your display being long-term or temporary, indoors or outdoors.

Adhesive Vinyl Sheet Options

Browse our selection of adhesive vinyl. In some cases, your orders may qualify for shipping deals if you order by 5 PM CST. We also serve as a dealer for some brands exclusively, meaning that you can’t find them in other stores within the region.

You can get some vinyl that is versatile. If you don’t want to get different products for permanent or removable selections, then consider ones that allow for the best of both worlds. With that said, before placing an order, determine if the vinyl is compatible with your machine. Some work better with inkjet or laserjet printers.

GF 118 – Clear Mounting Film – Permanent Adhesive / Removable Adhesive is double-sided. One side has permanent adhesive while the other has a removable adhesive. A polyester liner will notify you which to use depending on your design intentions. Use this film for glass applications, as it’s meant to serve as a laminating surface.

Removable Adhesive Vinyl

Removable vinyl is best for indoor displays, used with chalk in chalkboards or even permanent ink in some cases. One will often find rolls with a matte look, which aims to have a subtle finish rather than a shiny one. With that said, we do retail some glossy types of vinyl, so don’t feel limited by the selection.

DPF 510MTR – 3.2 Mil Calendered Matte Tinted is removable. It is two-sided and firm even when exposed to heat from a printer or a cutter. Pair with Eco-Solvent, Latex, and Solvent Inks for optimized compatibility. It has a shelf life of up to three years, meaning that you can use it for seasonable promotions or for temporary signage, like for building listings and pop-up stores.

Permanent Adhesive Vinyl

In contrast, you will see permanent adhesive vinyl within outdoor settings, because they are designed to last longer. You don’t have to limit yourself to walls and windows; this vinyl can also go onto merchandise such as mugs and water bottles.

DPF 8200X – 3.5 Mil Premium Hi-Tack Permanent is one such example of permanent vinyl. It has a low-shrink high-tack design, which allows it to attach to both smooth and rough surfaces. You can protect concrete from erosion and grime, or add a satin finish to a display.

Peruse Other Vinyl Sheets At Sign Outlet Store

Sign Outlet Store knows the importance of getting the proper adhesive vinyl for your display. You can increase the visibility of a seasonal promotion, or protect your storefront with an extra layer against weathering. What’s more, we make recommendations based on your business needs and customer satisfaction.
To find out more about potential vinyl options, please reach out to us today. Sign Outlet Store will answer all of your questions about removable vinyl or permanent adhesive options. Trust us to help you with a new display, or a waterproof wrap job.