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Vinyl Films

Having vinyl window film can make a difference when applying them to a vehicle or building. From a cost standpoint, they are more affordable than a paint job; when one has a team of experts handling the grunt work, you also receive an easy option for professionals to remove. View our top brands for vinyl films to see what adhesive static cling your customers desire.

Avery Dennison Frosted Sparkle Window Film

Avery Dennison manufactures two specialty window films called Etchmark and Frosted Sparkle. These films are 2.0 mil cast vinyl with a clear permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive. These products are fully compatible with CAD plotters and have up to 5 years of outdoor durability on vertical applications. These unique cast vinyl films provide the look and feel of real etched glass or frosted glass. Even better, they appear at a fraction of the cost of sandblasting or acid etching of glass.


Outstanding durability and outdoor performance

Dimensionally stable liner for easy converting

High gloss finish

Excellent conversion on CAD plotters

Easy cutting & weeding

Excellent dimensional stability

Excellent UV, temperature, humidity, and salt-spray resistance

Special etched window effects

Common Applications:

A business doesn’t have to use vinyl films solely for car applications. You can go beyond reinforcing windows or car bodies as long as you have a smooth surface, a qualified team to apply the material, and a design in mind.


Many boats and vehicles that navigate the water can risk damage from constant droplets, erosion, and barnacles. Water damage can eat away at paint jobs, as well as risk structural integrity. A vinyl wrap can protect the paint, as well as any hull surfaces. As a bonus, you can add as many different colors or palettes as you like.

Architectural Signage

Do you want to add a custom look to a building that reflects a business’s personality or branding? Vinyl film can do that, and managers can take advantage of the customizable qualities during seasonal occasions. A vinyl film can also protect floors that have heavy traffic from customers and machinery.

Directional Signage

Signs for customers within a store and outside of one can wear down easily due to foot traffic. Film for signage to match with removable window stickers and decals can help the signs withstand more wear and tear.

Privacy Windows

Have you seen cars or buildings with dark windows? Often, a dark window tint covers them to ensure that light only enters one way and not the other. Buildings with confidential information can keep employees safe during a workday, especially if they opt for the bulletproof film.

Etched glass effects

Do you like etched glass but feel it’s beyond your budget? Some vinyl films can replicate the effect without the high cost. You can choose from a variety of colors and styles without having to conform to a standard.

Design Decorative Windows With Sign Outlet Store

Sign Outlet Store wants to provide businesses with the equipment they need for digital printing and design. From vinyl films to printing machines, we can match you with options that fit your budget, as well as your regular operations. We have compact printers and cutters, as well as recommendations for vinyl installation.
To find out more about the appropriate stained glass window films for your business, please reach out to us today. Sign outlet Store will answer all of your questions about how to apply vinyl films for sun blocking.