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Flatbed UV Printers
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Flatbed UV Printers

Flatbed UV printers can expand your business. If they fit your operations and your goals for design, then a printer may be worth the investment. You simply have to know which model is the right one for your business. Production output and size will determine how many images that you can print.

UV printing uses ultraviolet light to dry relevant inks and adhesives to the designated paper. They can also work with other materials such as foam or aluminum, making the papers very versatile. Some companies use UV printing for three-dimensional objects such as bottles, which opens up possibilities. As an added benefit, the process does not emit toxic fumes which will decrease your carbon footprint.

Large Format UV Flatbed Printers

Before placing an order, make sure to reach out to our representatives. See which UV ink printers are available since they can sell out rather quickly. Browse our available options and determine what fits your budget.

Vanguard Flatbed UV VR5D Printer

The Entry Level Flatbed Vanguard VR5D-E is good for beginner UV printing businesses. It is one of the most advanced printers on the market. When you want scalability, then you can adjust image proportions accordingly without sacrificing image quality.

When you use the Vanguard VR5D-E with a high printing speed and multiple features. We have listed some of these unique specialties below.


BandGUARD – Virtually eliminate chromatic banding, allowing you to print at faster speeds and better quality.

CureGUARD – Precisely adjustable LED curing technology allows you to print to more substrates with greater control.

TimeGUARD – Increase productivity and reduce labor by accurately printing from front to back and back to front.

CrashGUARD – Reduce time and waste with pinpoint accurate print resuming after a crash sensor has been reset.

PressureGUARD – Provides stability within the color and white negative pressure system which increases the life cycle of critical components.

StaticGUARD – Be proactive by reducing static charges on acrylics and other positively charged substrates.

Do you wish to increase your output? You can add two to four printheads to significantly increase your production. What’s more, you can print on more than paper. The device is capable of printing on foam, metal, wood, chloroplast, glass, brick, porcelain, and more.

You can also print with white inks. That may seem like a small feature, but it can help you satisfy client demands. If they want white as part of their color palette then you can accommodate them within a quality print. You can also add other colors when necessary, including cyan and magenta.

Upgrade Your Signs And Graphics With Sign Outlet Store

Sign Outlet Store stays on top of technology to help printing businesses and other enterprises. We know that upgraded machines, printers, and cutters can make all the difference for your operations. Our goal is to provide you with the necessary tools and equipment for satisfaction.
To find out more, please reach out to us today. Our representatives can answer all of your questions about flatbed UV printers and how they can increase your high speed.