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Vinyl Laminates

Laminates generally serve as a layer of protection for different materials. You get waterproofing, scratch resistance, and increased durability over a longer amount of time. Vinyl laminates for heat presses and design serve such a function, when you want a protective film. They may also come with UV protection, to proactively handle sun bleaching or weather damage.

As an added benefit, laminates also prevent ink from smearing or fading after printer applications. Add little pieces rather than full sheets so that you do not cover any registration marks.

Vinyl Laminate Sheets

View our selection of vinyl laminates. We retail by the roll, and are an exclusive dealer for select areas. You may be able to qualify for shipping deals, if you order by 5 PM CST.

Before ordering a vinyl laminate sheet or roll, check printer and ink compatibility. Laserjet and inkjet machines have different standards for the materials being used. Doing this ahead of time ensures that you can keep printing operations running smoothly.

GFP Series

The GFP series has rolls with different specialties. You can get the calendered film in either matte or gloss, depending if you want a brighter or subtler finish. Some are better for UV protection, while others

The GFP – 589 Matte UV Economy Overlaminate is designed to last for five years. It is designated as an intermediate film. You can purchase up to 50 yards, and protect your outdoor vinyl displays with ease.

Multifunctional Overlaminate Film

You may also want vinyl to protect floor and window graphics. This makes sense if you have ample foot traffic or retail a brick-and-mortar display in a crowded area. Having a film that can serve both heat transfer vinyl (HTV) or adhesive vinyl.

We recommend using the GuardLam Gloss Floor Overlaminate. It has UL410 certification to protect your floor graphics. You get a transparent film that you can overlay over your windows as well, meaning that you can protect them from grime and any bleaching from the sun. For the same reason, you can use the GuardLam for partial vehicle graphics, when you are advertising on the road.

Do you run a restaurant or a store that requires daily messages, or even weekly ones? The GF 290 ChalkMark- 5 Mil. Matte Black can allow you to turn an entire wall into a useful space. Alternatively, you can apply the vinyl to metal, plastic, and glass surfaces on a smaller scale. When you need adhesive vinyl, laminated adhesive allows you to lengthen the messages’ shelf life.

Protect Your Indoor And Outdoor Vinyl Displays With Sign Outlet Store

SIgn Outlet Store knows that when you work with print vinyl, for either creating displays or merchandise, you need the best materials. Our company believes in customer service, and providing high-quality heat press equipment and supplies to business owners. Your opinion matters greatly to us.

Are you interested in either heat transfer or adhesive vinyl options for your next business venture? Please reach out to us today to learn more. Our experts can pair your vinyl selections with the right brand of transfer tape, and the proper laminates for protection.