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Banner Materials

Banners are great attention getters, but inclement weather conditions can pose challenges in finding one that works well. Material can make all the difference, as well as its quality. For your clients who need beautiful banners that will keep their color and beauty in rain or shine, browse the wholesale banner material from Sign Outlet Store to find the best options and prices.

Sign Banner Material for Sale

Our range of banner supplies allows for different options based on your needs. Always check our shipping deals and call to see which items are in stock. Some of our banners are on sale.

The HD 8135 is a great everyday 15 oz. Matte Banner is just $.21 cents a square foot. We retail Scrimless White, with a Greyback PVC/PET FIlm. It sets a standard for an affordable banner that can contribute well to outdoor signage.

Are you worried about bad weather, or heavy precipitation in a tropical area? The Intelicoat TB 9 is a 9.0 mil Matte Tear-Resistant Tyvek banner that has shown that it can tolerate rough weather with style. Use with pigment, solvent, and eco-solvent.

We recommend using such banners when you want to print digital designs onto store displays and promotions because of the strong ink adhesion. The clear and sharp color definition makes it especially attractive when paired with a heavy-duty material.

For an all-purpose banner that you can get at a low cost, choose the ESM-LBV 2. You can buy either 30 inches or 54 inches per unit, depending on your printing demands.

The banner can last for as much as three years outdoors and maintain its beauty with its 14 mil material. Indoors, it will last between 9-12 months indoors while handling a heat extreme up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. One can even grommet and weld the material when displaying a sign. It is appropriate for indoor as well as outdoor applications that last three years or less.

A Wide Variety Of Banner Material

Many different options exist for your banner-using customers. Indoors or outdoors, various materials have benefits and tradeoffs depending on a business’s intentions and expectations.


More often than not, businesses will use vinyl banners for outdoor purposes. They are often glossy, durable, and affordable depending on budget. Some can even withstand heavy rains depending on the weave. The only downsides are that vinyl has a glare in direct sunlight, and is heavier.


Often made of lightweight polyester, fabric banners show off unique aesthetics. They can also display well under direct sunlight. With that said, the material is not designed for outdoor banners so is best for indoor activities.


If you want a practical banner that can last for a long time indoors or outdoors, you want a mesh banner. It has wind resistance and is semi-transparent when shown under sunlight. The colors can appear muted up close, however, and work best from a distance.

Prepare Banners For Indoor And Outdoor Customers With Sign Outlet Store

Sign Outlet Store believes in satisfying customers with high-quality products and attention to business needs. We listen to your constant feedback to ensure that you are happy with your purchases and that your customers also benefit.

For help choosing the best option, from scrim banner material to tear-resistant supplies, please contact us today to speak to a sign supply expert! You can prepare for your customer’s next trade show, or outdoor promotion.