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American Line Plastic Razor Blades

American Line Plastic Razor Blades provide a heavy-duty, durable, and precise breakaway tip for professionals and hobbyists. The Razor Blade Company provides this series and many other sets to help designers find affordable craft knives for serious business. That is why we can happily recommend this brand for your benefit. Look at your knife set options.

Selecting Plastic Blades With A Fine Point

When you need plastic razor blades for crafting, you want to find ones with a consistent, sharp cut. You also wish to have flexible material for use but enough rigidity for at least several services. Because of the plastic structure, the blades will wear down, so you want a pack that will give you the highest value for your values.

When To Use A Plastic Craft Knife?

We recommend using plastic knives on painted or glass surfaces. Plastic will not scrape the surface of either material. That also makes it suitable for working on vinyl surfaces; while vinyl is durable, it cannot afford any superficial damage or scraping.

Plastic hobby knives are also good when you need to make contoured cuts. Curved surfaces can make it harder for a stainless steel blade, with a rigid material designed to withstand natural elements. Because plastic is a flexible material, it can bend without breaking while doing the necessary scraping for vinyl on cars for detailing, house turrets, and other materials.

You can use plastic knives also to handle any removal of transfer paper or vinyl backing sheets. If you have to apply designs in reverse, sometimes you need tools that can lift the edge of thin material. Fingers can leave smudges on the vinyl, which you don’t want on any high-quality apparel.

You will generally use plastic razor blades for scraping residue or other unwanted material. Such material can include tree sap, glue, dirt, stubborn tape or transfer tape, wax, or even drywall joint compound.

The blades need to be even upon first use, at least. If you want to use them for detailing, determine if the tip has a sharp cut and if you want a breakaway tip or not.

American Line Double-Edge Plastic Razor Extra Blades

The ScrapeRite™ Double-Edge Plastic Razor Blades SR-Series is a double-edged plastic blade that is stronger in design, has a more usable life per edge than a standard plastic blade, and fits any standard razor holder. It is designed to aid in the removal of pressure-sensitive materials on surfaces that are easily scratched (metal, paint, plastics, glass, and more.)

Build Your Vinyl Hand Tool Set With Sign Outlet Store

Sign Outlet Store knows that having the proper blades for vinyl work can reduce bottlenecks or potential injuries during a workday. We stock different knives, printers and cutters, and other tools that can help you with cutting and weeding.
To learn more about vinyl craft supplies that can boost your business productivity, reach out to us today. Sign Outlet Store cares significantly about your designer’s safety. Trust us to outfit your toolkit and prepare you for future vinyl ventures.