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Oracal Vinyl
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Oracal Vinyl

Oracal focuses on graphic design innovation around the globe. They have revolutionized the industry for high-quality vinyl wraps. Oracal and namesake Orafol brands aim for perfection with each application.

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You can count on Oracal for the utmost quality for all of your sign making projects. Browse our selection here, and see if your orders qualify for same-day shipping. In addition, always make sure that the vinyl you purchase is compatible with the printer and cutters that your business has. Some laserjet and thermal printers need specific material requirements.

751 Vinyl Online

Our Orafol 751 Cast Vinyl sets the standard for the brand, set to last for up to eight years. When applying the vinyl, you get minimal shrinkage after cutting and weeding. It is also compatible with thermal print and can apply well to irregular surfaces.

Oracal 751 Vinyl Supplier In Illinois

The 975BR-Brushed and the 975 CR-Crocodile are perfect for restyling accents on automobile exteriors or for detailing interiors. We recommend using the 975 Carbon Fiber & Brushed Metallic when you need five years’ worth of durability on a job, as well as a solvent-based permanent adhesive.

Do you seek a unique look that adds some aura and mystery? You can alter the appearance of glass with the Etched Glass to decorate shop doors and windows. They can also add an extra layer of protection from outside debris or the weather.

Having frosted vinyl saves on the costs of installing the equivalent with real glass, including replacement film over the years. Orafol’s 8810 Frosted Glass Cast Vinyl is an excellent choice for indoor or outdoor decorative designs that need to last a long time. It has a nice sparkling effect that catches the light as well as passersby’s gaze, while potentially providing a bit of privacy.

Are you seeking a durable metallic tint for lettering and eye-catching displays? The Oracal 951 Metallics are highly effective in covering corrugation and rivets. We recommend using the Oracal for detailed signage, especially when you need durable conformability and dimensional stability for unusually-shaped surfaces. Use when your vehicle is in need of some restyling.

The 970RA Wrapping Cast is ideal for wrapping fleets in solid colors, and it smoothly conforms to curved surfaces and rivets. Use this one when a customer wants a long-term vinyl application, that prefers opaque colors to complex designs.

Invest In Vinyl Sheet Rolls From Sign Outlet Store

At the Sign Outlet Store, we carry a wide range of Oracal vinyl in different sizes to ensure all of your sign making needs are met. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. That is why our team is the top source for more information or help picking the perfect type of Oracal printable vinyl. Browse other brands and machinery as well.
For the best options of Oracal vinyl rolls wholesale, visit Sign Outlet Store in Lisle Monday through Friday! If you cannot reach out physical store, please contact us today to learn more about the superior contrast for weeding with Orafol.