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GFP Laminators

Minimize the production time and maximize the productivity of your retail lamination services with a GFP laminator. Graphic Finishing Partners offer superior-quality lamination machines that enable you to enhance the quality and durability of your printed materials while saving on costs.

These reputable suppliers boast over a decade of experience designing and producing this reliable machinery. Whether you want to use a hot or cold press, GFP equipment is more than ready to handle the load.

Each industrial model handles high workloads and years of production. Find the best laminator for your shop, here; then, continue reading to explore the different types of vinyl lamination machines available from GFP, highlighting their applications and benefits.

Vinyl Laminators from Graphic Finishing Partners

  • Cold Laminators
  • Dual-Heat Lamination Machines
  • Finishing Tables
  • Top-Heat Laminators

GFP provides a comprehensive selection of vinyl laminators to suit various needs and preferences. Let’s take a closer look at four popular options and discover how they can elevate your signage production.

Cold Laminators from Graphic Finishing Partners

Cold laminators are a versatile choice for laminating your signage with efficiency. As the name suggests, these machines do not require heat during the lamination process, making them ideal for heat-sensitive materials.

Cold laminators use pressure-sensitive adhesives to bond the vinyl and protective laminate together. This creates a durable and visually appealing finished product. With a cold laminator, you’ll achieve professional results without the risk of damaging heat-sensitive prints or graphics.

Which cold lamination machines do our customers like the best?

The GFP 263c 63″ Entry-Level Cold Laminator is a reliable and cost-effective solution for producing professional-grade laminated signage. This entry-level cold laminator offers a range of applications and benefits that make it a valuable addition to any signage production workflow.

The primary application of the GFP 263c cold laminator is to laminate printed materials, such as posters, banners, signs, and graphics. It is specifically designed for cold lamination, which ensures that your graphics are not compromised or damaged during lamination.

GFP Dual-Heat Lamination Machines

Dual-heat vinyl laminators offer the perfect solution if you work with a variety of materials, including both hot and cold laminates. These machines combine the benefits of both cold and hot lamination processes, enabling you to work with a broader range of materials.

Dual-heat laminators provide the flexibility to switch between the two modes, making them a practical choice for businesses that require versatility in their laminating operations. With the ability to handle both hot and cold lamination, you can expand your creative possibilities and cater to a wider range of customer demands.

Which dual-heat laminator do our customers like the best?

The GFP 865dt-3R 65″ Dual Heat Laminator is one of our top sellers. Implement thermal encapsulation using low-melt films. You get ultimate flexibility, using the dual heat for either a hot or a cold application. It aims for cost-effectiveness and ease of use, empowering you to assemble it effortlessly, exhange rolls easily, and fold your documents quickly.

GFP Finishing Tables

Finishing tables are essential tools for efficient and precise vinyl lamination. These tables provide a stable and level surface for laminating your signage, ensuring consistent results every time.

By providing a controlled environment for the lamination process, finishing tables eliminate the risk of uneven application or bubbles in the laminate. They also protect your prints from dust, debris, and other contaminants during the lamination process.

Investing in a high-quality finishing table can significantly improve your efficiency and the overall quality of your laminated products.

Which finishing table do our customers like the best?

The GFT FT48 60″ Finishing Table is our bestseller for finishing tables. It can handle laminating printed substrates and printed sheets. You get a one-step application process with this roll laminator.

This roller ball transfer table has a backlight, making the finishing process smoother. You can save space and time when using it. An operator can spot errors easier when adding the final touches.

Top-Heat Laminators from GFP

Top-heat laminators, also known as heat-assist laminators, combine the benefits of both hot and cold lamination. These machines utilize a heated roller that applies heat to the top surface of the laminate while the bottom roller applies pressure.

This heat-assist feature accelerates the adhesive activation, resulting in faster processing times and improved bonding. Top-heat laminators are particularly useful when working with thicker or more challenging materials that require increased adhesive activation for proper lamination.

With a top-heat laminator, you can achieve faster turnaround times without compromising on the quality of your finished signage.

Do you need precise control over your heat lamination?

If so, then we can recommend the GFP 663th 63″ Top Heat Laminator, the most advanced model with a rotary design. The company uses Smart Heating Technology to minimize waste and improve laminating accuracy.

You get precise roller control from the positioning encoder and other features like an integrated rear rewind. We like the top heat assist because it softens any film adhesive.

This feature shortens production time and reduces any potential slivering. A film tension sensor keeps the application tension consistent so the adhesive and film adhere.

Find the Best GFP Vinyl Laminators at Sign Outlet Store

Become flexible with your production, and handle sudden demands for posters, banners, displays, and other large important signage. At Sign Outlet Store, we’re one of the top dealers and retailers of heat press and print service equipment — and we do more than retail vinyl.

View our selection of GFP laminators and confirm if you qualify for any of our same-day shipping or discounts. We also provide leasing options for customers concerned about making a large purchase.
Our team takes pride in stocking the best machinery on the market for lamination and heat design. To find the best vinyl laminator for your shop, reach out to our team today.