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Ultraflex vinyl heralds from a company that focuses heavily on digital printing. With a slogan of “reliable, consistent, compliant,” their textiles and substrates have a high-quality dedication to long-lasting material with unique opaque properties.


Ultraflex Vinyl Sheets And Rolls

Could you view our selection of Ultraflex vinyl? Prevent translucency problems by using these products. See if your orders qualify for same-day shipping if placing your order before 5 PM CST. You can request a swatch sample to see if color samples match your vision and branding for a company.

Make sure that your printers and cutters are compatible with Ultraflex vinyl. Only some vinyl work with inkjet and laserjet printers, and knowing this ahead of time will ensure bottlenecks down the line. In addition, determine if you need a matte or glossy finish. Glossy finishes will reflect the light in a room or outdoors, while matte will play with it for subtle effects.


UltraBanner® FL

We recommend using the Ultraflex UltraBanner® FL for indoor banners and other signage applications. The texture has a unique, consistent printing quality. It will work with Eco-Solvent inks that also have UV protection. Even for indoor stores, these inks can help for window displays or open-air storefronts.

Choose from matte or gloss finishes, depending on your preferred designs. The light construction makes it convenient to use while mounted to any surface.

Ultraflex DSS Pro Blockout

Do you need a banner that can have printing on two sides and prevent unwanted glare from sunlight or indoor bulbs within stores? Do you need the flexibility to make rollup banners? We recommend the Ultraflex DSS Pro Blockout- 14 oz Matte, which is smooth and printable on both sides.

Another benefit of this Ultraflex DSS Pro Blackout is that it can produce many colors with little ink. The low-curl formula is excellent for rollup banner stands, POP, and indoor hanging graphics. Use the matte look to handle any glare.


We are proud to carry Ultraflex FabriTac products. This fabric has an adhesive backing, as opposed to a heat-activated support, with removable paper vinyl. It also is opaque and will not have any translucency issues compared to its competitors. As a result, you do not need a heat press to use the products in applications.

The brand has a unique coating. It is also quick-drying and water-resistant, making it great for seasonal signage and business applications.

Find Your Flexible Heat Press Vinyl At Sign Outlet Store

Sign Outlet Store has all the vinyl with an excellent color gamut and the tools for printing and cutting them. We are an exclusive dealer in the Midwest for specific brands, including Ultraflex and the FabriTac product line.

Sign Outlet Store wants to ensure that you have an excellent color quality with vinyl that can handle various UV and latex inks. Find your ideal vinyl for signage with a unique coating and light balancing. Please reach out to us today to find out more about the brands we carry and the comparable products you can use for your vinyl printer and cutter.