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Oramask 813

Protect surfaces from unwanted latex paint stains or vinyl that requires weeding. The company Oracal designed the Oramask 813 stencil film for stain and stencil applications. It uses a water-based, low-tack removable adhesive. As a result, it is easy to apply and safe to use. Oracal has released a safety sheet revealing that first aid is unnecessary if the film comes in contact with human skin and can be disposed of naturally.

We recommend using the Oracal 813 on smooth, clean surfaces like concrete. Avoid using it for any wet applications. The same goes for porous or freshly painted surfaces. If you apply the Oramask to them, you must clean up the adhesive residue. Wait for any paint to dry, and try a different material for any porous limestone or wood. Aim for these applications– smooth, flat, and rigid.

Application Areas For Oramask 813

The Oramask 813 can cover large areas of drywall, cabinets, and floors. Gymnasiums can use the masks for applications on the floors, for basketball and tennis court lines. You can also use them for signage and hobby applications.

This film comes in translucent blue and has a matte surface. It has a shelf life of two years. With this limited time, try to order what you need for a project within this time. The minimum application temperature should be fifty degrees Fahrenheit. Use the removable adhesive backing to prevent any bleeding during the stencils.

Oracal Oramask 813

The Oracal Oramask 813 is rigid, transparent blue PVC film has been formulated for stencil applications, especially spray and paint techniques.

Low-tack, water-based adhesive.

Ideal for water-based paint applications

Smooth, flat, rigid substrates and surfaces

Large area capabilities; and applications requiring background visibility

For all paint and spray techniques on even surfaces, Matte Finish, Removable

Translucently blue-dyed stencil film (special PVC, 80 micron)

Before using, test a small amount of the Oramask on your designated surface. Pair with the following transfer tapes for a suitable application:





How Is the 813 Different From The Oracal 811?

Oracal 811 is also used for latex applications. The 811 and the 813 are applicable to large surfaces and have a matte finish. The main difference is the color and the transparency; the 813 is blue and translucent. In contrast, the 811 is white and opaque. It is also better for even surfaces, if not necessarily smooth ones.

Stock On Transfer Tape And Stencil Vinyl With Sign Outlet Store

We are proud to retail vinyl supplies for businesses. Sign Outlet Store knows that stencil applications require the right films and equipment. Our team is ready to match your needs, from printers and cutters to transfer tape. Customer service is one of our top priorities; we want to hear your feedback about our performance.

Please reach out to us today to find out more about covering surfaces and large areas with mask stencils. Sign Outlet Store will answer your questions about which Oracal products are suitable for aircraft marking, stencil applications, and other business designs.