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Vinyl Cutter

Vinyl cutters make printing designs easy, especially when mass-producing products. You want a machine that will handle your demands, with a low learning curve for weeding and transferring.

Vinyl Cutter Machines

Sign Outlet Store offers vinyl sign cutters from the top brands, ensuring high quality and reliable machines. Browse the available options to see which fits your budget or demand on graphics, and see which ones come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Roland Vinyl Cutters For Sale

With some of the best values in sign industry equipment, Roland offers you a way to produce top quality graphics. The new GR series available in 54” and 64” model sizes, GR cutters are powerful, easy-to-operate devices. Packed with advanced and versatile new features, they are designed for a whole new level of sign, apparel, vehicle graphics, and packaging production.

The Roland GR-540 Vinyl Cutter is designed with a low learning curve, and is deemed easy-to-operate. It can also operate with software from other companies, in addition to programs from the manufacturer. The Roland GR-540 has a cutting force of 600 grams and a speed of 58.46″ per second. Users like the printed graphics’ accuracy, and the machine’s versatility.

One recommendation as an alternative to the GR series is the Rolan GS-24 Desktop Cutter. It can print designs for apparel, signs, and vehicle graphics.You can adjust the blades manually, to handle finely detailed designs. With a down force of 350 grams and a cutter speed of 20’’ per second, you are purchasing efficiency.

Graphtec Vinyl Cutters In Illinois

Graphtec offers the CE7000 series as a superior line of cutting plotters. The New CE7000 Series boasts our Popular Cutting Channel to allow easy perforated cut or through cut operations.

The NEW CE7000 Series comes complete with our full complement of Graphtec Software along with our NEWLY ADDED Ethernet Connectivity. Software includes Cutting Master 4 plug-in for Adobe & Corel Users and our popular Graphtec Pro Studio software for design & cut graphics. The CE7000 series works with both PC and MAC platforms, or uses the handy new USB Thumb Drive Port if needed.

Our models come with a free loaner in the case that your machine requires repairs from our shop. The Graphtec CE 7000-60 24″ Cutter is one such example. It can handle graphics for garments, signs, and automotive options. Use the machine with either PC or Mac platforms, and you can have a USB drive. The Data Link Bar Code allows for maximum productivity.

Find Your Vinyl Cutting Machine At Sign Outlet Store

Sign Outlet Store prioritizes making the customer happy. From budding entrepreneurs to small business owners, we want to build relationships with you and provide the necessary equipment for regular operations. Our new or refurbished options can also fit your budget, especially if you are starting out with vinyl printing.
To find out more, please get in contact with us today. We are happy to demonstrate with our products and how they can suit your business. Sign Outlet Store is ready to supply you with the appropriate equipment.