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Reflective Vinyl

Reflective vinyl has multiple purposes. Crafters and businesses may use them to design outdoor displays, taking advantage of natural light. Some government and emergency vehicles implement reflective material to increase visibility on the road, which also reduces the chance of collisions.

Note that the vinyl tends to have a shelf life of one year for display applications, unless specified otherwise. If you are seeking material that will last longer, screen the films for your desired timespan. Quite a few options have permanent adhesive as well that would require a solvent to remove. It may require constant application and replacement.

Reflective Vinyl Sheets And Rolls

View our selection of reflective vinyl. Some of the products may qualify for same-day shipping if you order by 5 PM CST. We have selections from top brands including Roland, Avery-Dennison and Oracal, which focus on innovation and long-term durability.

Before placing an order, always check that the vinyl is compatible with your craft cutter, printer, or hybrid machine. We list the specifications and can provide further information. Not all material is compatible with both inkjet and laserjet printers.

For companies that are seeking vehicle graphics, to increase promotions and awareness of your brand, Roland has the ESM-PRV2 vinyl, that has a durability for four years at maximum. With a permanent adhesive and a glossy surface of white cast uncoated vinyl. Use when you need to conform the film to irregular surfaces. Additional lamination will add an extra layer of protection for images, messages, and logos.

The Oracal product line from Orafol knows how to provide durable vinyl as well. Outdoor elements can cause water damage and corrosion to various displays, especially for vehicle applications.

Oralite 5600 Fleet Engineered – White 4.7 Mil Cast Gloss is a prime example of long-lasting lettering and design from the Oracal brand. We recommend it for commercial fleets and vehicles that demand high visibility, like trailers and trucks. The water and corrosion resistance, plus a shelf life of seven years, pairs well with PVC construction. Mind the press-sensitive permanent adhesive, especially when applying to corrugated surfaces.

Avery-Dennison also has solutions for vehicles that need retroreflective lighting. For trucks and other cars that demand nighttime visibility, consider the MPI 6200 Premium Reflective – 5.5 Mil Cast Gloss. You can also use this film for trade show displays and promotions, as well as for warning signs around hazardous workspaces. The MPI 6200 is compatible with inkjet printers, and can print Eco-Solvent Ink. A permanent clear adhesive allows for more design opportunities, and clarity.


Refine Your Heat Transfer Processes From Sign Outlet Store

Sign Outlet Store wants to ensure that you have the equipment for heat press design and car vinyl applications. We know that for government vehicles and buildings, visibility is crucial for navigating potentially hazardous areas during an emergency.
To find out more about what films will work with your Cricut Silhouette or other machines, reach out to us today. Sign Outlet Store will answer all of your questions and provide the equipment you need for wonderful designs.