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Specialty Materials
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Specialty Materials

When it comes to HTV, specialty materials can add some pizzazz and glamour to your multicolored designs. Different heat transfer vinyl can contribute to a matte or glossy look, helping your merchandise stand out among many competitors.

High-quality specialty HTV will apply a design easily to apparel or objects, depending on the products you sell. It will also last for a long time, ideally for more than a year. Different options will provide textures, and may even adhere to unusual material depending on the product line that you order.

Popular Heat Transfer Vinyl Specialty Materials

Take a look at our options for HTV, and which ones will fit your business needs. We have different shipping options and discounts that can benefit you. Our company can provide local delivery depending on your zip code. See if your purchase qualifies for next-day shipping when ordered by 5 PM CST.

Before placing an order, check that your machine is compatible with the vinyl and do a test run with a smaller sample. We have sample swatches that also show exact colors. You want to keep operations efficient and not waste resources on the wrong type of HTV. Also have safety procedures in place for hazardous fumes or temperature extremes. Our increments are in yardage, so look and determine the exact size that you would prefer for your business.

Thermoflex Sport will suit your designs for athletic apparel. It bridges gaps in mesh jerseys while boasting fifteen different bright colors for branding. You can also use it on cotton, uncoated polyester, and cotton-polyester blends. Do not apply to nylon apparel, as the vinyl will not adhere. Use a low-temperature range between 300-320 degrees Fahrenheit for 8-10 seconds when pressing.

GlitterFlex is another brand that shows a colorful gleam when you apply it to apparel. Specifically, the GlitterFlex Ultra product line has an easy-to-use sticky carrier that allows one to see the glittering polyester flakes within the adhesive. Weed and reposition without a problem, though take care when applying it to dark garments.

The Halo Pink and Orange tints respectively may not show up as well on such tints. Do not use on nylon, generally, or as a bottom layer. Nine different colors allow you to experiment with eye-catching patterns or logos.

We also have Fashion Flex Plus for when you want to add a 3D look. Make sure to print your designs in reverse for this particular vinyl. Get in fourteen different colors, and apply with pressure-sensitive equipment. Peel when warm and use on any fabric except nylon.

Expand Your Vinyl Products With Sign Outlet Store

At Sign Outlet Store, the customer comes first. You are our top priority when we offer films, vinyl, and screen printing equipment for different machinery. We want businesses to have access to all of the vinyl products and equipment necessary for heat pressing.

To find out more, please reach out to us today. Sign Outlet Store will answer all of your questions about the ideal product lines for your business, and what your customers desire.