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Display Film

When you want to take advantage of natural lighting and the human desire for optic wonders, you want to use display film. One can apply these films to electronic devices for sale, or that provide visual entertainment for interested customers. Such a solution provides an extra shine for emphasizing designs, or thermal management to reduce energy wastage in shopping malls or popup stores. They can also reduce glare and increase clarity.

Generally, a business can apply display films to screens on televisions, computers, and tablets. If you aren’t into electronics, one can also apply the film to banners. A salesperson may demonstrate software with some enhancement during a trade show, as one example. Alternatively, an electronics store may want to show off a new computer and attach display film to a particular product.

Display Films Available For Your Promotions

Browse the selection of display films that we have available for your perusal. You may qualify for same-day shipping if you place an order before 5 PM CDT. Check if you qualify for other discounts as well. Before making a purchase, double-check that your items are compatible with the printer or cutter that you have for your business. We also sell in foot and yardage increments for film and vinyl tints.

Satin look is one finish that looks nice for indoor displays, when you want elegance and refinement. For this style, we can recommend the SyntiSol 3629 – 7 Mil Satin, which is tear-resistant.

In other cases, you may want Blockout film for banners and displays. Blockout film has three layers, with one specifically designed to reduce unnecessary light and increase clarity for images. Intelicoat Pospro + ECO Blockout film has a matte finish perfect for trade show displays. It will adhere to a flat surface and create a durable layer so that the promotions will last for a longer time.

Some businesses may prefer a glossy option that will either catch the sunlight or reflect it. You can reduce glare while allowing customers to see your target audience messages, high image quality, and campaigns. As an added benefit, they can redirect excessive heat and keep air conditioning bills lower in hot climates.

SCF 7 – 6.5 Mil. Gloss can do the job while providing smooth base uniformity. We recommend it for promotional signage as well as physical presentations. You get increased brightness along with water and tear resistance. This clear film has a company-trademarked coating, that will emphasize the sign.

Harness Your Display Enhancement With Sign Outlet Store

Sign Outlet Store knows that every business needs the chance to harness natural light, as well as shop aesthetics, to attract potential customers. For that reason, we provide the tools that you can use for promotions. Your business doing well means that we have given you the proper films, machinery, and vinyls, so as to optimize prospect conversions.
To find out more about what films and tints can give you stronger light control, please reach out to us today. Sign Outlet Store will answer all of your questions related to what power savings you can receive.