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Graphtec Cutters

Graphtec is considered one of the top brands for vinyl cutters, especially for roll feeds. With that said, they also work with flatbed and desktop cutters. Their slogan is “reliability, durability, and performance.” The company was one of the first to implement executive vinyl cutting and has expanded to other areas within the same field. They play to their strengths when designing such machinery, to improve performance and customer satisfaction.

When you get a Graphtec machine, you get durability. We carry a vast array of Graphtec cutters for your benefit. Inquire about loaner options, if a loaner would be a good choice for your business. Take a look at any shipping options, as well as warranty policies from the manufacturer. Always call ahead of time to inquire about the machines that we have available.

Graphtec Cutter Options

Some of the Graphtec cutter machines come with company-made Graphtec software. Paired with Ethernet activity, they can allow operators to design and cut efficiently. Some are compatible with Adobe and Corel programs as well, simplifying operations for you.

We can recommend the FC9000 series as one option to inquire about vinyl cutting. Each machine is versatile when it comes to roll-feed cutting. They can handle thin or thick material during regular operations. A barcode generation system allows you to organize your jobs and implement logistics when handling multiple projects.

The Graphtec FC 9000-75 30″ Cutter is one noteworthy model from the series. It has accurate tracking within a range of 50 feet, and a downforce of 600 g. Use the 2 MB buffer memory to your benefit, because it is versatile.

The machine can print garments as well as sign graphics for your business. You don’t even need to connect it to a computer thanks to USB Thumb Drive connectivity. In addition to coming with Adobe and Corel compatibility, operators can use the Graphtec Pro Studio.

Some designers would rather work with a flatbed cutter. In that case, they should look at the

34″ x 24″ Graphtec Flatbed Cutter FC4510-60. This machine can meet industrial requirements for pattern making while handling multiple types of hard material. We recommend using this flatbed for when you have extremely hard material such as foam or cardboard. You can add detailed designs to your liking.

If you wish for a model from a different series, let’s take a look at the Graphtec CE 7000-4015″ Cutter. It is a versatile machine that can cut for more than apparel or vinyl. The 8.0 cut arms allow for efficient cutting.

Find Other Graphtec Vinyl Cutters At Sign Outlet Store

At Sign Outlet Store, we believe in ultimate customer satisfaction. Inquire about our machines for purchasing options, and see if we can deliver to the loading docks in your area. Visit our showrooms when you have the opportunity. We want to serve you and your business needs.

To find out more, please reach out to us today. Sign Outlet Store is more than ready to answer your questions about Graphtec as well as the other brands that we carry.