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DPF 4300 Flexible - 3.4 Mil Calendered Matte Clear Removable

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Arlon DPF 4300 Flexible Adhesive Backed Vinyl Film. DPF 4300 is an intermediate multi-purpose print media film featuring a removable adhesive. The Easy On, Easy Off features include a robust face film that is thick enough to be easily applied without an overlaminate. The adhesive allows easy removal on a variety of standard substrates including walls, windows and more. Arlon DPF 4300 offers flexibility and high opacity for covering previous graphics as well as providing good resistance to scuffing, tearing and abrasion to help protect your graphics. DPF 4300 is a great solution for your applications requiring a removable adhesive from multiple substrates.

  • 3.4 Mil Calendered Matte White Vinyl
  • Clear Removable PSA Adhesive
  • Film Life: 4 Years

Recommended Applications:
Removable Vehicle or Transit Graphics (Flat and Soft Curves Only), Barricade Graphics, Window Decals, Smooth Wall Wraps, Layered Graphics (Layered graphics are only recommended up to 3 layers thick and the graphic layers should not be more than 6 months old).