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STS XPD-724 24" DTF Printer - Deluxe Package

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STS XPD-724 DTF Printer

With enhanced user-friendly operation and maintenance, the STS XPD-724 DTF Printer offers high production and high-quality output.

The enhanced performance characteristics are associated with a built-in white ink circulation system that allows for the free unobstructed flow of ink directly to the print head providing optimal results. It perfectly pairs with STS’s DTF ink, which offers users excellent color gamut and outstanding durability.

New Features of the STS XPD-724:

  • Built-In Internal Ink Circulation – Increased Run Time Intervals
  • Reduced Operating Costs
  • Upgraded Wave Form – Reduced Graininess at High Speeds
  • New ICC Profiles – G7
  • Improved Ink Delivery System – 24v Increased Cycling
  • All-Inclusive Sales Package
  • Matte Gray Finish
  • Comparable Price Point to the 628D
  • Less Maintenance than Previous Models


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