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CWT 1428 Cut Work Table

Lease for $199 a month**
**For 60 months, OAC

The CWT 1428 series cut work tables are the affordable alternative to time-consuming hand finishing with rollers and squeegees. 5'7" x 9' 4" Workspace Area. Now even the smallest shops can compete for bigger jobs with confidence!

The CWT 1428 Series will shorten production time, increase profitability and produce consistently professional results by delivering essential features found on systems costing thousands more.

  • Transfer
  • Laminate
  • Layout
  • Cut

The work table is easy to use so no need for a special staff! Most people operate the applicator within one hour with fantastic results. Our flat bed applicator gives much better control and less waste than conventional roll laminators due to the easy and precise positioning of the materials and allows a much wider range of materials to be laminated.