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DPF 4200 Permanent Interior Wall Decoration Vinyl

$199.95 - $428.95
Financing Options:

Delivering a decorative interior wall solution that will transform existing smooth walls into vibrant designs. DPF 4200 is an interior wall film available in a Matte or Canvas finish. As a rigid film with a strong tack, the registration of panels is easy and the bond formed in hard-to-reach areas will give you confidence in your wall application. Building a long-term bond over time, the initial repositionability of the film will help reduce and remove bubbles easily. DPF 4200 is compatible with a variety of paint types, including a wide range of zero and low-VOC paints.


Unique Features

  • Compatible with most paint types, including a wide range of zero and low-VOC paint types
  • Strong ultimate tack level securing a lasting bond in hard to reach areas
  • Registration of panels made easy due to rigidity of film
  • Initial repositionability helps reduce and remove bubbles easily